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We specialize in the development of technological solutions aimed at fostering financial inclusion, enhancing convenience, and promoting individual financial freedom.


where innovation meets excellence in the realm of fintech solutions. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge products tailored to the specific needs of banks, financial institutions, remittance service providers, and merchant acquiring companies.

As a dedicated fintech product company, our primary mission is to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly onboard merchants and efficiently oversee their entire merchant network. Our flagship product not only simplifies the acquisition of merchants but also equips them with invaluable insights into their day-to-day operations, relieving them of the complexities of managing multiple payment acceptance channels.

At the heart of our offering is our all-encompassing omni-channel payment orchestration platform, designed to cater to all stakeholders within the acquiring ecosystem. This platform facilitates the effortless acquisition, retention, and expansion of businesses, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment experience for all parties involved.

For e-commerce enterprises seeking integration, our developer-friendly APIs offer a seamless pathway to connect with our platform. By entrusting us with payment processing, these businesses can redirect their focus towards enhancing their core operations.

Central to our ethos is the fundamental belief that payments should be unobtrusive, operating discreetly in the background while empowering businesses to thrive. To this end, our embedded payment stack seamlessly integrates into existing systems and platforms, offering a cohesive and efficient payment solution.

Citytech is dedicated to revolutionizing the financial landscape by delivering solutions that promote business growth and operational ease. We invite you to explore how our fintech expertise can transform your business and redefine the way you approach payments.

Discover the future of payments with Citytech.


Banking Solution

Our commitment to financial inclusion is exemplified through our innovative technology-driven solutions, such as our Branchless Banking (BLB) offering in collaboration with banking partners. Through BLB, we empower traditionally underserved communities in remote districts of Nepal, where traditional bank branches are absent. This technology-driven solution extends the reach of banking products and services to previously inaccessible areas, fostering financial inclusion and enabling individuals who were previously excluded from the financial fabric to participate in the economy. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to bridge the gap and bring financial opportunities to all, making financial inclusion a reality.

Central to our philosophy is a strategic investment in our personnel. We firmly uphold the belief that cultivating an exceptional team serves as the foundational pillar for pioneering innovative solutions.

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